• "Being Woman: Diversity is Wealth"

    Le Perle di Audrey has tried to combine the elegant taste and sober with the eccentric and eye-catching in a single model, refined and inimitable, giving rise to so-called unpaired Earrings!

  • Labradorite: The Charme Stone

    Through its dance of colors, Labradorite pushes us to seek beyond our earthly certainties light of our Soul.

  • The Charme of Gems

    The Romans called it "the Emerald of the night" because its green color is not obscured in the night but was still visible to the dim lights of the lamps....

  • The Art of engraving Cameos

    But such shells are used to obtain Cameos? And why the background color varies from salmon pink to brown?

  • Knuckle Ring

    The knuckle rings are very thin rings that are worn on their own or in groups on the first or second joint of the fingers.

  • The Coral Power

    The Coral: a Natural Balancing

  • Which kind of shoes ti wear to a wedding on the beach?!

    The coolest proposal for Summer 2015 is the combination of ankle-ring, known as "toe ankle bracelets" or "ankle climbing"

  • The Jewelry Anklet

    The Anklet has originated in the East. These were, in fact, worn by the dancers and they were equipped with small bells so that they emitted a ringing during a performance of dance.

  • Light Point

    A Light Point necklace, is a jewel related to fashion but to the tradition. It is a special jewel, to give to a person who knows how to live the luxurious in all the circumstances, is the style of an identity tied to a timeless jewel.