The Jewelry Anklet

All jewelry, from earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces and anklets to get up at the foot rings have an origin that dates back at the very dawn of civilization, at a time when they were used for its intended purpose as to any type of decoration was given a certain symbolic or religious value. Rarely they were considered only instruments of beauty, indeed, they often were a display of power and a sign of belonging to a certain tribe or within a certain social class.
The Anklet has originated in the East. These were, in fact, worn by the dancers and they were equipped with small bells so that they emitted a ringing during a performance of dance.
Today the Anklet has become an accessory particularly prevalent among the female audience, especially in summer, when they find their legs and the woman want to emphasize the ankle, emblem of Femininity and Sensuality timeless!