"Being Woman: Diversity is Wealth"

"Being a Woman: Diversity is Wealth"

The majority of the female population loves earrings. Some of us are wearing tiny earrings to maintain a certain restraint and not to attract prying eyes, while others like big earrings and flashy. After all, the earrings are as diverse as the personality of the wearer, and are increasingly a way to express their lifestyle.
The earrings have become, over time, a particularly interesting accessory for the feminine world and have become increasingly important, as they are an expression of Being a Woman.

No matter which group you belong, because Le Perle di Audrey has tried to combine the elegant taste and sober with the eccentric and eye-catching in a single model, refined and inimitable, giving rise to so-called unpaired Earrings!
This year we have seen many new trends, so this should not be a surprise ...

The heart of our creative research in the creation of each of our Unique Pieces are like you always, dear friends! Every Woman is characterized by versatility of facets, sometimes conflicting, making it Unica! Therefore we have turned our attention to the many aspects that represent the '' Being a Woman ": A Delicacy, enhancing its sensitivity, inspiration which expresses the strength of Animo .. trying to exploit them in creating a jewel representing a sweet combination of these different aspects!