The Charme of Gems

Bud light green ore better known as OLIVINA, whose PERIDOTO is the variety rich in iron. This is one of the main minerals of volcanic rocks of basaltic type, but often it is also found in meteorites. Its color is green shades, can vary from a pale green to yellow to a deep green bottle.

The Peridot was already checked by the ancient Egyptians on an island called Zeberget. The extraction was done at night because legend said that peridot is hardly seen during the day.
Her delicate appearance made a Peridot gemstone very popular and with a fascinating historical and mythical. In the past it was believed that peridot could facilitate friendships, free the spirit of envy and develop eloquence.

The Romans called it "the Emerald of the night" because its green color is not obscured in the night but was still visible to the dim lights of the lamps.
Subsequently, the peridot was used in the decoration of churches, probably brought to the West by the Crusaders. Large peridot weighing over 200 carats, adorn the shrine of the Magi in Cologne Cathedral.

Today, beautiful peridot comes from Burma, China, Sri Lanka and the San Carlos Indian Reservation in Arizona.
In 1994, large deposits of peridot was discovered in Pakistan, which produces gems as if they had never seen. The field is located in Pakistani Kashmir and gave some great stones, one of which was over 300 carats.
Although the volcanoes of the Hawaiian Islands produce large amounts of peridot, most of which it is sold peridot comes from Arizona, where it is considered to be the tears of the goddess of volcanoes Pele.

Peridot's action has an impact on several levels; level SPIRITUAL AND PSYCHIC arouses lightning strikes, reduces stress, stimulates the mind, fights melancholy, negative thoughts, jealousy and envy, aggressive and existential crisis; gives happiness, stimulates intuition and a sense of initiative, purifies and activates the heart chakra, stimulates the spiritual progress, eliminates the "ballast" of the past, fights hypochondria and a tendency to be influenced, it helps to recognize the mistakes and overcome the guilt.

A PHYSICAL layer, improves blood circulation and metabolism, regenerates tissues, balances the glandular system, eliminating inflammation, acts against skin diseases, acts of joint problems, psoriasis, eczema, urticaria, inflammatory bowel disease, warts, fungus, pancreas, liver, spleen, gall bladder, lungs, thymus, excellent against frigidity and ulcers, finally, facilitates the birth.