Knuckle Ring

Today we are featuring a fashion very popular among tue american fashionists that has taken hold in our country: the middle finger rings called knuckle rings!
The knuckle rings are very thin rings that are worn on their own or in groups on the first or second joint of the fingers.
"Knuckle" makes reference to the knuckles of the hand, the articulation that we have on the fingers, where these rings are worn. This is not a novelty, rather their origin is very ancient, but now has burst a real fashion!
Although this fashion rings halfway finger knuckle rings is very modern and fun, its origins date back to the Renaissance, where the noble women loved wearing these thin rings around the superior phalanges to emphasize the soft line of their hands and stand out from the less affluent women, usually from the hands marked by hard work in the fields and therefore unable to bring rings so elegant fingers.
This trend, however, was put on the back burner for hundreds of years, until in 2006 the famous New York store Catbird, located in the colorful district "alternative" Brooklyn began marketing these small knuckle rings to wear casually on all fingers hands, consecrating in this way the style "boho chic", a kind of elegant and modern reinterpretation of the style hippies.